H.323 Call Generator

version 0.1.3  Last updated 26 Jan 2000
Note: New maintainer Thomas Kessler!

Don't expect it to do fancy things like playing/recording sounds/DTMF yet.

What you can do with this call generator:


26 Jan 2000
- Compatibility with openh323 v1 alpha2.
- Fix gatekeeper functionality.
- Added more options: username, IP interface, and various delay tuning.

31 Oct 1999 Version 0.1.2
- Now will register to gatekeeper (hopefully)
- Drop STL thingy (list, string).

26 Oct 1999 Version 0.1.1
- Linux compatibility. Thanks to Jan Willamowius.

23 Oct 1999 Version 0.1
- With openh323-0.9alpha2, expect it to have crashes and memory leaks between call batches.



The source requires OpenH323 headers and libraries (openh323-1alpha2 and pwlib-1.13) already set-up on your computer. You can download them from http://www.openh323.org/.


As Microsoft Visual C++ 6 Project and Linux Makefile:
as TAR.GZ callgen323-0.1.3.tar.gz


More Information

You can find more information in file README.txt in the distribution and on SoureForge.net.

This call generator is buit using OpenH323.

(C)1999 Benny Prijono
(C)2000 Thomas Kessler